Nicolae Manolescu – Life on a waiting platform

While a member of a jury to decide on the best Romanian play of the year, I discovered a new playwright: Valentin Nicolau. We decided he was the winner of the big prize. When opening the envelopes, in the first minute I didn’t realize whom it was about. The name seemed familiar to me, but […]

Mircea Morariu – Were I an angel

About two years ago I read the manuscript of “The Ghost in the First Class Waiting Room” by Valentin Nicolau, president of a well-known publishing house in Romania, and I thought he was a promising playwright, mastering dialogue and skilled for stage pieces, as well as having a good knowledge of the principle of theatre. […]

Mihaela Michailov – The highest degree of mystification

“If I Were and Angel”, the collection of plays by Valentin Nicolau, display several perspective which pursue a similar effect. The structure and the characters mirror a sordid world, fascinating because of its triviality and dirt. It is a world of slums and of characters subject to the often grotesque show of background puppets, who […]

Marina Constantinescu – Playwriting. Playing

It seems that the problem with the contemporary plays written in Romania is that they are talked about rather than staged. The playwrights in the older generation are still active. The works of Dumitru Solomon are staged most and the plays by Matei Vişniec are performed in France, Romania and America as well. The new […]

Marian Popescu – A playwright who knows how to choose his topics

„The Last Emperor” is the second collection of plays written by Valentin Nicolau. Just like the first one, titled “If I Were and Angel” and printed by UNITEXT Publishing House in 2000, it consists in three plays. In both these volumes the subtitle is actually the title of the opening play and the prefaces were […]

Doru Mareş – Country of slums

A laureate of the „Camil Petrescu” Playwriting Competition, organized by the Romanian Ministry of Culture, and a multiple nominee of “Best Play of the Year” Competition, arranged by the Romanian Association of Theatre Artists, Valentin Nicolau makes his book debut with “If I Were an Angel”, published by UNITEXT, which is one more step for […]

Dan C. Mihăilescu – Opinion is everything, that is nothing

Valentin Nicolau has got the attention of theatre artists rather late, as new entry in the world of the young Romanian playwrights after 1989. At that time he had recently become a president of Nemira Publishing House, he was extremely interested in making our teenagers familiar with American SF and he was busy editing Steven […]

Dan C. Mihăilescu – Station for everyone

What strikes one as a pleasant surprise, from the very first pages of Valentin Nicolau’s debut volume as playwright (“Were I an Angel”, UNITEXT Publishing House, 2000) is professionalism. You have the feeling he is much experienced writer, a connaisseur of the stage, an architect of drama situations, a man with a special gift for […]

Sorin Radu Cucu – The curtains of transition

Some one or two years ago I wrote and article in this publication starting from the famous maxim that every Romanian was born a poet. But I was complaining about the numberless books of bad poetry that were being printed at the time. This is why, when I have noticed that the book I agreed […]