The man who made death pregnant

Is Sibiu the city where this play (The Secret of Angels) is being performed for the first time because you wanted so? The playwright’s job is over when the text is written. The staging doesn’t depend on the author of the play, but on the context and the feedback the play gets. The staging depends […]

„The editor doesn’t get along with the writer too well”

Valentin Nicolau, a president of Nemira Publishing House, is also a noteworthy playwright. This year one of his plays, “Like Snow White and the Two”, participated in the “Camil Petrescu” Playwriting Competition organized by the Romanian Ministry of Culture and it was awarded the first prize. The text is a genuine analysis of the present […]

“To me, an angel is a thought before thought”

You are the author of a play called “If I Were an Angel”. So I am asking you straight: are you sorry you are not an angel? I don’t think what I feel is regret. As a human being, I think about how would it have been like…If I were an angel in that story, […]

The great challenge is not to sell everything from inside ourselves

Dear mister Valentin Nicolau, I have a proposal for you: let’s write a drama piece together. The protagonist is a man who graduated the Faculty of Geology, but quitted the profession. Why? Initially, the choice for this school was a compromise, even if afterwards I got to love geophysics. My options didn’t come from desire. […]

Valentin Nicolau doesn’t read his plays again

After the National Theatre in Bucharest housed the premiere of “The Legend of the Last Emperor”, I talked to playwright Valentin Nicolau and asked him some questions. Here are his answers. You are fascinated by power and the faces of it. If I may say this, you are just like the photographer in “The Last […]

”A publishing house doesn’t produce spiritual cleansers”

Valentin Nicolau is the president of Nemira Publishing House and he has got… a secret life. He writes plays. He got to do it under the pressure put by everyday life that assaults us from all sides. His plays have been remarked by Romanian artists. His plays were selected for “The Best Play of the […]